Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell whole cakes?

Yes! We'd love to make your next birthday or event cake and happily accept orders for whole cakes and desserts from our Cake Menu. We ask for 48 hours notice, although in some cases we are able to accept a rush order. Please call the shop (206.257.4736) or email us at orders @coylesbakeshop.com to place an order. At this time we do not make any custom cakes or wedding cakes.

Can I order pastries in advance?

Absolutely. If you'd like a dozen or more pastries, we encourage you to place an order in advance to ensure that you get exactly what you wantβ€”and we'll have your order boxed up and ready. Please call the shop (206.257.4736) or email us at orders@coylesbakeshop.com to place an order.

Do you have Wi-fi?

No, we do not offer Wi-Fi in the cafe. We prefer a more old-fashioned atmosphere in the shop but encourage guests to work, read, visit with friends, and enjoy the space for as long as they like.

Do you have gluten-free items?

We do our best to offer treats that everyone can enjoy. The following menu items are all free from wheat:
Meringues, Coconut Macaroons, Flourless Espresso Brownies, Caramels, Marshmallows, Granola, and Macarons. However, because our kitchen is small and deals primarily with wheat-based products, none of our baked goods are safe for anyone with Celiac disease.

Do you accept donation requests?

As a small business, we are only able to accept a few donation requests per year and focus our budget on charitable organizations that address issues related to hunger, homelessness and women's rights.

What's that thing you're famous for?

While we take pride in all our offerings, our "Cretzel" has been highly publicized. The "Cretzel" is made from our classic croissant dough, twisted and shaped like a pretzel, dipped in food grade lye, and topped with flaky Maldon salt.

When will you have Twice-Baked Hazelnut Croissants?

While most of our offerings are baked on a consistent schedule and are available every day until they sell out, the Twice-Baked Croissants are made only when we have leftover pastries and thus their appearance is more sporadic. Please feel free to call the shop (206.257.4736) to check on the availability of Twice-Baked Croissants - or any of our other items. (Also, when available, we accept advance orders for 6 or more Twice-Baked Croissants.)